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 K-8 Summer Camp Est. 2016

Summer Camp 2020 Runs From: 

06/22/2019 through 08/28/2019

This summer, make sure that your kids stay active, engaged, learn new skills, and have an unforgettable this summer!

Our camp expands your child's creativity through our wide variety of activities that will deliver a great time for every child. We pride ourselves on providing the safest, most exciting, and memorable summer camp experience you will find anywhere.


By offering a wide range of activities each child will learn the basics of sports, tap into their creative side, develop team spirit, and make great friends. No matter what your child's interests are they will have a great time this summer!

Our campers will engage in a variety of activities throughout the summer! Each week of camp has its own theme with specific events to keep it fresh and fun for everyone!

Last Year's Themes and Special Activities:

We may be a "sports academy" but we do so much more than that!

Our campers will participate in:

Sports & Activities

Educational Arts & Crafts

Science Expierments

And So Much More!

Registration Options
Full Day


Half Day

9:00am - 12:30pm



Extended Hours

8:00am - 9:00am

and / or

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Summer Camp Staff Ready!

We have an excellent team of staff with various experience in the sports, arts, and childcare fields. With your child’s safety as our number priority, we understand how to make the kids feel comfortable throughout the camp –making sure they have a blast enjoying their favorite summer activities.  At an additional charge, we also can offer delicious lunches your kids will love–served from our full service concession stand. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to sign your kids up for our great summer camp!

Days Until First Day of Camp 2020


Full Week: $ TBD

Full Day Option $ TBD

Half Day Option $ TBD

Lunch (Per Day) $ TBD

Extended Hours: (Price Per Hour)

Early Drop Off  $ TBD

Late Pick Up $ TBD

Our program consists of rolling admissions so it is NEVER too late to sign up for Summer Camp! We are accepting sign-ups until the last day of camp!